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I have a BOOK Project !

September 10, 2009

The book is mine....


This project aims to give children the chance to have a book… How do we get the books? Well, we need those who are interested to donate books (All should be in good condition- No dog ears please 🙂 ) or give new ones. They deserve the BEST! Tatana Roots will pick a Orang Asal/ Asli’s settlement. And then we go on a road trip…. Those who have donated are welcome to join ! A great chance to have fun and do something good for the children!!!

If YOU are interested, this is what you need to know :-

  • What kind of books can I give?

Books should be suitable for those as young as 2 to older age group of 17 years old. Must be educational. No comic books and fashion magazines please. Children books, textbooks, nature based books, story books (suitable for the age group mentioned) and any books you feel that will benefit the receivers.

  • What else can I give?

You can also choose to give educational games (E.g. Play cards, Puzzles, Fine Motor Skills games)

  • Price range (if you are buying)?

We do not put the minimum price for any given items. Give from your heart. It does not have to
be expensive. The aim is to share what we have learned/have with these children.

  • How you can play a role in this I Have a Book Project?

You can get your colleagues, family & friends involved. This way you can collect more books and educational games for the children. 

  •  How can you give the items?

Contact us at 012-3162627 or e-mail to to arrange for collection of books & games. We will snap a
photograph of you and your gift/s as it would be great to let the children know who gave them the gifts 🙂

Do remember that we will not accept any cash. All we need are books, educational games and more of them!!!

Additional info:

ANY ???? E-mail us at:

  1. michelle permalink

    keep up the good work!!!

  2. shoby permalink

    Its an awesome project. Will try to find some of my books and hope to ask my friends to contribute for this cause.
    All d best tatanaroots……

  3. Nantha permalink

    Great effort. Hope to join you on one of the road trips!

  4. Melissa permalink

    A wonderful initiative! Hope to get more people involved. Let’s spread the word!

    • Tatana Roots permalink

      Thank you…. It will be a success with everyone being part of this noble project!

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