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‘I Have A Book Project’ brought SMILES to the children of Ulu Geroh!

January 4, 2010

The visit to the first kampung was a SUCCESS! We collected about 134 NEW books for the children of Ulu Geroh. Plus , a very good friend of ours initiated the ‘Xmas Shoe box Party’ where we got our family and friends to fill up gifts in a shoe box. We ended up packing them individually because we did not have enough shoe box gifts to give away. The good news is that we managed to pack 84 GIFTS 🙂 !!!

The most satisfying part of the journey was the look on all the kids faces when they received the books and gifts you all donated. They did not expect to get anything close to that.  All we could see was the twinkle in their eyes, the smile on their curious faces, the careful fingers unwraping their gifts as they did not want to tear off our handmade gift wrappers, and the joy we see as soon as they see what is underneath that piece of wrapper. HEARTFELT….

That was all we needed! I had tears in my eyes…. Makes us want to continue doing this project for as long as we can!!!!

We had fun with the kids, the adults joined in as well. They were very thankful and felt our presence was a blessing. One mother told me that her young daughter of 3 years old has been asking her for a tea set toy for months. Much to her surprise, and thanks to YOU, her daughter was a picture of happiness when the 3 year old unwrapped her gift and saw the little pink tea set! Her mother said, ‘ Tuhan jawab doa saya dan hantar kamu ‘ ( ‘ God has answered my prayer by sending you’ )… My, that was one of the best compliments I have ever received!

We would like to thank our families, friends, friends of friend,  staffs of MDL (Uptown) & Canon Malaysia for the kind contributions. Without your amazing SUPPORT, this project will not be able to take-off. It was a great, humbling experience for those who have joined us during the road trip and we would love to have you on our next trip. THANK YOU once again!

To Ahha,Kak Saripah, Insan, Angah, the chefs and the children of Kg. Ulu Geroh, TERIMA KASIH BANYAK-BANYAK!!!

Let’s not see this as a charity, see it as you sharing part of what you are with the children 🙂

We are now working on our second ‘I Have a Book Project’…. YOU can join us this time!!!. LET’s MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Kindly visit the website for updates….

**** Click on the pictures to show you the beginning of our noble project…. ENJOY! ****

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