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The Jungle Classroom

April 17, 2010

We believe that children are the preserver of the environment. They are the Ambassador of Nature…With that in mind, we are dedicated in ensuring that every child has the privilege to learn about the abundance of nature and know why they should protect it from harm.
Besides that, for us adults, it is not too late to learn to love and be the protector of Mother Nature. Years of experience has allowed Tatana Roots to carefully designed environmental based programmes for all to experience!

Our mission:

To reach out to as many people as possible to learn to LOVE nature and its inhabitants…. and PROTECT them…for one will only love nature if you get to experience it personally!

Groups we handle:

1. Kids as young as 2 years old

2. Special children/adult

3. Students

3. Youth onwards

What we can offer:

1. Specially tailored environmental education programmes such as Creek Scientist, Jungle Scientist, Insect Catching, Nature Art, Amphibian studies etc
2. Outdoor activities – hiking, caving, camping,
white-water rafting, abseiling, flying fox, learn to live with aboriginal people of Malaysia and many more
3. Fancy organising a birthday party, picnic, or gathering in the forest? Let us know…We can do that for you…!

If you are interested:

E-mail us at

or call 012-3162627

You can also find us on the Facebook

One Comment
  1. John Lee permalink

    I’m interested in this program. Could you please provide the itinerary. What time does the program start, registration time, end time, etc. This will help us to decide as well as make arrangements.

    Thank you.

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