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Jungle Classroom – 18th April 2010

April 21, 2010

Good day everyone!

We had a great time during our recent Jungle Classroom! Parents and kids got together for an amazing outdoor experience!

Our Sunday morning started will a little drizzle but that all went away with the footsteps of the little ones! The kids were as young as 2 and they were simply WOW! A bunch of clever kids they were…questions kept on coming, and little fingers were pointing at every possible directions!

They learned a lot from the jungle… they found the pine cones, brazillian nuts, saga seeds, magical blue leaves (Peacock Ferns), ate wild purple berries, caught fishes, shrimps, nymphs (this one is usually hard to find! The parents and kids were the ones who caught them), tadpoles and created their very own leaf stamp!!!

It was a great day for us, the parents and the young participants…..

We have another class coming up on the 25th April 2010.

You can get further details here : TATANA ROOTS (Facebook) and view the PICTURES too!

We would like to thank parents/aunt and their young ones for the splendid, educational time…Especially thanks to our amazing group of volunteers – You all are our strength đŸ™‚

Enjoy the pictures!

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